Sporting & Service Dogs

Our Sporting Dog Seminar will be conducted this year by Nathan Bolton.


Nathan Bolton (The Sportsman's Chaplain) is the owner and head trainer at By His Grace Gun Dogs.


"I've been an outdoor inthusiast all my life with a passion for waterfowl and retrievers at the fore front.

I've also been involved in ministry for 20 years, currently serving as the associate pastor at Strait Gate Church in Claremore OK.

I was diagnosed with an eye disease at an early age that has slowly taken my vision. I am now legally blind and pretty much had to lay my shotgun down. This caused me to step up in the dog training end of things so I can still experience my love of waterfowl by running my retrievers. By doing this with the encouragement of Gordon Montgomery of Gordies Wildlife, I began training client's dogs and traveling doing ministry with my dogs and teaching seminars.

We believe in making God first in our life and in our business and He will take care of everything else. It's by the grace of God we can do what we do. Thus the name By His Grace Gun Dogs got started."